No matter what season of life you are in, Autumn Is the season to start changing your lifestyle for the better. Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness is the perfect partner to help you on your journey to feeling and looking better.

Here are five achievable tips to succeed this season as a “wellness warrior”.

1. Be Intentional about your goals.

Autumn is the perfect time to set and start achieving your goals. Without summer vacation distractions it is easier to find a healthy routine. Make a plan to lose the weight, to move more, to eat cleaner or to finally implement that anti-aging skin care routine. With the change of seasons comes a chance to try something different. Liberate your mind and break out of unhealthy habits. Think about your daily routine and what you don’t like about it. Change one negative aspect into a positive one.

2. Cultivate positive thinking with a support network.

At Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness we are dedicated to cheering on our patients as they actively pursue their individual wellness plans. Every wellness plan looks different depending on your season of life. Rise to the challenge this autumn and learn to think positively and adopt new, healthy habits. Let’s do this, together. Sharing your journey with our team as a support system will contribute to your ability to meet and exceed your goals.

We have so many tools to help you lose weight. Bring a friend and get rewarded. Each person you refer receives $50 dollars off our weight loss program. Even better, so do you!! Watch the pounds fall down in 30 days. Apply your savings to a little self-care in our full-service MedSpa.

3. Nuture wellness through nature.

The bit of cool in the Carolinas air helps to boost mood and energy and fosters being outside. Take a walk in the neighborhood daily, head to your local park, or pick up that sporting activity you like so much again. Running, tennis, golf, and cycling are great Carolina autumn activities. Moving around outside elevates mood, clears stress and burns calories.

4. Eat with the season.

Eating healthier is easier during the harvest season. If you have a goal to lose weight or simply improve your health, autumn is the perfect time to start adopting healthy eating habits. During the autumn months, most fruits and veggies are affordable and plentiful. Buy vegetables that are in season and you’ll get lots of nutrients to balance your diet. Put healthy options within reach to avoid choosing left over Halloween candy! We have delicious snacks and can put together a Wellness Warrior bag of your favorites for you.

5. Embrace the newness.

Breathe life into an old weight loss challenge with a renewed purpose, intention and the right kind of help along the way. We can help you make a smart plan for change. Think about your needs. Do you need more quiet time, a normal sleep schedule, to revisit yoga, a better meal plan? Make time for you and for your wellness.

Go through your wardrobe and get rid of anything you won’t wear again. Make room for new and better things. Set a goal to get in the size jeans you want.

Pick something new to learn such as pottery, a language, a sport– whatever interests you. It will occupy you with something other than food and drink.

Work routine weigh-ins, check points and B-12 shots into your daily life. A little routine self-care for your skin is a great way to care for your body inside and out. Make a plan for beautiful skin. Make a plan to lose the weight. Make an appointment with Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness to set you on the road to positive change as a Wellness Warrior!