Physician’s Plan has helped patients throughout North and South Carolina get a fresh start on life.

Through lifestyle changes and personalized plans, men and women have lost thousands of pounds while improving their health and appearance.   The best way to learn how this program works is by letting patients share their stories of weight loss.   From a Physician’s Plan staffer in Mt. Pleasant, SC that dropped weight for good after several failed attempts to a mother-daughter team that looked at a wedding picture and decided it was time for a change, these stories will help you see what Physician’s Plan is all about.  Everyone that walks through our doors has their own set of challenges, and that is why we use medically-based customized plans for each patient.

When we say patients get a fresh start on life, we mean it!

Former Patient Turned Director Down 45 Pounds!

Kelsey Stodden, Acting Clinical Director at Physician’s Plan Rock Hill, was a weight loss patient before she began working at Physician’s Plan. She started off at 190 pounds and has lost 45 pounds to date! She is actively maintaining her weight loss with the help of her team.

Mount Pleasant Patient is 55 pounds down in 6 months!

I started my wellness journey with Physician’s Plan May 7th 2019 in anticipation of an event coming up in the fall I hadn’t stepped on a scale in years, and it was quite a reality check to see what it read. I had a goal weight in mind and I gave myself 6 months to reach it. I never really thought of myself as out of shape, overweight or feeling bad but I was. My first real challenge was being honest with myself about where I was with my health and wellness. Sounds easy, but was probably the most difficult part of my journey.

The team at Physician’s Plan was extremely positive and supportive at each of my visits, I saw them three times weekly for my B12 injections and a Friday weigh in. I looked forward to each visit. The team offered menu suggestions, how to make smart substitutions to recipes to make them healthier and helped with portion control. They encouraged keeping up with my daily journaling. It’s hard to ignore how many calories you’re ingesting when it’s right in front of you. They reviewed my journal with me monthly at my doctor’s visits and would make suggestions as how I might improve.

Three patients, three customized plans, 133 pounds lost!








Three Rock Hill patients crushed their weight loss goals and lost a total of 133 pounds in just 3 months!

Each patient had their own challenges to overcome and unique lifestyle factors, but they all shared the goal of losing weight to feel better. From reducing joint pain to bolstering confidence, our patients were motivated to start living a healthier life with the help of our Rock Hill team. The Rock Hill Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness (PPWL+W) helped each of these patients conquer their challenges by coaching them through meal planning and better food choices, and by applying the PPWL+W real weight loss results tactics.  Check out these amazing transformations!




Summerville Patient Loses 55 Pounds

Tell us why you started Physician’s Plan Weight Loss Program

I started Physician’s Plan Weight Loss Program because I was tired of all the unsuccessful attempts I had with other programs in losing weight.  I was facing a milestone birthday and I didn’t want to carry the extra weight into another decade.  Being older and all that comes with that posed a significant challenge and I felt I needed help by professionals experienced in weight loss.

What were some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

My first challenge was getting past my cravings but with my determination to lose weight and support from the staff, I got past this challenge.  My next challenge, which is ongoing, are plateaus where I go weeks without losing anything or going up and down on the scale.  The staff are constantly working with me to find solutions that keep the scale moving in a positive direction.

Florence Patient Loses 43 Pounds since starting with Physician’s Plan in May 2019!

Tell us why you started:

I started because I wasn’t happy with my appearance. I had started feeling unhealthy. I knew that I needed to do something to help myself.

What were some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

Some of the challenges I faced was eating unhealthy, and wanting to eat too much. I learned to eat healthier and how to eat proper portion meals.

What are 3 things that Physician’s Plan offered that helps you the most?

Appetite Suppressants



What was the best part of your weight loss journey and why?

The best part of my weight loss journey was having the support, encouragement, and praise for reaching my desired goals.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

The Florence staff have become part of my life. They are wonderful and knowledgeable with what they do. They care and really get involved in your journey. I would recommend Physician’s Plan to anyone that needs it.

Rock Hill Patient Loses 29 lbs

Tell us why you started?

Get healthy and feel better about myself. Be able to get dressed in the morning without make a pile of clothes on the floor that don’t fit!

What were some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

At first it was hard to find foods to stay in calories, sugar, and fat limit. However, with my friend that I started with AND Darlene/ Margaret fantastic duo giving me suggestions, it was easy!

Summerville Patient Loses 47 Pounds!

I started with Physician’s Plan Weight Loss and Wellness in November of 2018 to start a better healthy lifestyle.

Some of my challenges were my eating habits and not having exercise plans. I overcame them with having to be accountable by weighing in every week and really wanting to change.

The three things that Physician’s Plan offered that helped me the most in my weight loss journey were the weekly weigh-ins, Lipo B12 injections, and the monthly visits with the doctor.

The best part of my weight loss journey is getting back to my “old self”. I feel great and it has motivated me to keep pushing.

The friendly atmosphere is great at the Summerville Physician’s Plan. It really helps with coming in weekly. I appreciate it.

Local Registered Nurse Loses Over 100 Pounds!

I started Physician’s Plan because at 318 pounds and 50 years old, my health was starting to fail. My bones and joints ached all the time, particularly after a 12-hour nursing shift. I had to take the elevator because my knees couldn’t take the stairs carrying all that extra weight and I would become winded and sweaty from very little exertion. I was always bloated because my diet consisted of a lot of salty, fatty foods and I was eating at least three times the calories I should have been. I didn’t like the way that I looked in or out of clothes and it made me feel self-conscious.

Summerville Dad Loses 80 Pounds

I started this weight loss journey to be overall healthier. I wanted to have the ability to be more active in my daughter’s life and also at work. I want to be an inspiration for my daughter and show her she needs to be healthy while she’s growing.

The biggest challenge I faced during my weight loss journey was kicking the desire for fast food, junk food, soda, and especially sweet tea. The convenience of fast food was probably the hardest for me, but I overcame the urge to eat those things by always having some type of healthy snack at my side. Giving up sweet tea and soda was hard for the first week or so…I didn’t realize caffeine had such a hold on me! I overcame those sugar cravings by drinking a gallon of water a day to make sure I wasn’t thirsty.

Busy Mom, Vegan and 40+ Journey of Weight Loss

The day I turned 40, I was the heaviest I had been in my life (other than pregnancy, and we all know that number doesn’t count).  The scales read an alarming 155 pounds. I knew it was time to do something, but I didn’t know where to start. Being a vegan made things a little harder. Squeezing uncomfortably into my size 8 pants (knowing it was time to move up to the 10’s) meant it was time to get back down to a healthy weight.