When your skin looks dull or broken out, it is hard to put your best, confident face forward. Want your clear and glowing skin back fast? A Hydrafacial at Physician’s Plan Weight Loss and Wellness rescues dull skin and can help clear acne by removing oil and toxins.

Hydrafacials improve hydration, radiance, skin texture and pore size in three steps. Even better, this treatment can be used for all skin types. At Physician’s Plan Weight Loss and Wellness, our aestheticians start by listening to what your current skincare regime and products include followed by a discussion of your skin concerns. From there, we customize the Hydrafacial treatment that is best for you. Relax as your “red carpet” treatment begins with skin cleansing and gentle glycolic acid exfoliation.

Our next step is painless vacuum extractions to unclog pores. This allows for us to get deeper into clogged pores to remove the buildup of oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells! Your skin will feel noticeably less congested after this process. Once we’ve completed the extraction process, we then nourish the skin with an age fighting antioxidant serum and intense moisturizer.

The next step is the most important. We utilize targeting serums that are best for your skin concern and infuse them into your skin. The serums can help with acne, dullness, age spots, and more. We put together the best serum option for you and your skin. There are 10 additional booster serums such as boosters for brightening and fine line reduction.

Your skin will be glowing by the time you are finished!  We encourage our patients to have at least 3 treatments in order to treat all concerns and optimize your skin health. Your skin will thank you. And, so will your pocket book. We are priced lower than area competitors and have invested in the most current Hydrafacial Elite system. Call Physician’s Plan Weight Loss and Wellness today to schedule your consultation and feel confident in your skin again.