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Mother Of Two Under Two Drops 30 Pounds

I discovered during my first pregnancy that I substantially exceeded the average weight gain range. I'm talking about double the maximum of what a doctor would like to see. I also learned that those pounds don't magically melt after delivery. When I was pregnant again, I monitored my caloric intake and journaled my meals to avoid the struggle and stress I experienced after my firstborn. I was successful throughout my first trimester, but I found myself at the same weight gain as my first pregnancy nearing delivery. But this time, I knew what lay ahead, and I was distraught.

I understand that you're not supposed to worry about your weight when you have this perfect newborn in your arms. I know to expect excess weight after delivery. Suppose a new mother complains to me about her weight. In that case, I quickly respond not to stress - focus on more important things, and you're so much more than just your weight. Still, I couldn't escape my anxieties. I tried to push the dissatisfaction aside and redirect my energy elsewhere, but it kept creeping back. My experience with postpartum recovery had me in some alternate reality where I didn't recognize myself when I looked in the mirror, and I couldn't adjust accordingly. I was beyond uncomfortable. Once I finished breastfeeding, I decided to begin my committed weight loss journey, and I didn't want to do it alone. I chose Physician's Plan Weight Loss + Wellness to join me as my partner.

I am now down 30 pounds (and only five more to go to my goal weight!) with their help. The number on the scale isn't the only thing that matters. Not only do I feel lighter physically but mentally and emotionally. I'll never forget when I hit the 20-pound milestone, and the Center's director handed me a bag that had 20lb weights in it, and my arm dropped because it was so heavy. I used to carry that baggage around.

The nutritional counselors encouraged me to journal my meals so they could get a weekly snapshot and understanding of my macronutrients. This habit shed light that although I was refraining from a high carbohydrates and sugar intake, I was consuming too much fat than protein or fiber. Here I thought that as long as the food was not simply high in carbohydrates or sugar, it was suitable for my diet. From there, I lowered my fat intake (reducing cheese and dairy products), and I felt better. They also provided me with Lipo-C injections to jumpstart the weight loss and boost my energy and metabolism. I started to see results.

However, I didn't always have a significant weight loss at my weekly weigh-ins. Some weeks I would get discouraged or down on myself if I didn't see the number I wanted on the scale. The jovial team members at Physician's Plan never made me feel ashamed or lectured me that I needed to do better. Try harder. They were endlessly optimistic when I would express disappointment with myself. They restored my motivation and hope when I hit plateaus with pep talks. They put my mind at ease with a realistic understanding that this isn't easy or fast. I won't always be perfect, but we have to keep moving forward to the end of this journey, where I can start to maintain my weight.

Thank you to Physician's Plan for the support, tools, and knowledge I needed throughout my weight loss journey to get me where I am now. I am happier and not distracted by negativity, making me a better mother.