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Amber’s Weight Loss Journey

As an employee of Physician’s Plan Weight Loss & Wellness for 3.5 years, I provide patients with nutritional counseling and other tools for weight loss success. I recently began my own journey with Physician’s Plan as a weight loss patient because my weight was contributing to some back problems I was having. After talking with the other weight loss coaches at Physician’s Plan, I became motivated and made a commitment to improve my health and normalize my eating habits. I also told myself I needed to lose some weight to see if that would help with my back pain.

Physician’s Plan created a customize weight loss plan for me that involved the “Fast Plan,” Vitamin B-Complex Injections (3x a week), and logging my daily calories in the MyFitnessPal app. The app was a great way to keep myself motivated and it allowed me some wiggle room to go out to eat on the weekends and enjoy myself without feeling deprived. On the Fast Plan, I lost the weight while not letting food rule my life. I was still successful even though I had the occasional cheat day.

Providing myself with the motivational tools I would normally provide to my own patients helped me take control of my weight loss journey and stick with my plan.

Ultimately, I ended up needing back surgery due to more serious issues, but if I had not lost weight first I would have been worse off and had limited mobility after recovery. I am so glad Physician’s Plan motivated me to make a lifestyle change and a commitment to better health.

*Amber lost 35 lbs. with Physician’s Plan