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Finding Your Confidence with Physician’s Plan

Each Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness patient has a unique story. Physical results are often accompanied by internal transformations, empowering our patients to rediscover their confidence. The following testimonial from wellness superstars Tanya and Brooke of Two Girls & a Guy (Mix 95.9) was too amazing not to share. This patient’s dedication to achieving results is truly inspiring.

I've been a long-time listener of TGG during my daily commute in the mornings. I really just want to say thank you. You both inspired me to begin at Physicians Plan. 

I've struggled with my weight my entire adult life; I’ve tried all of the things over the years, Weight Watchers (several times lol), Nutrisystem, Noom, Atkins, Keto. You name it, I've tried it, with a little success here and there, but nothing that I could stick with. I was driving to work in June when I heard you talking about starting Physicians Plan the next week, how successful you were previously, and how it fit into your busy lives. I thought to myself, well if you can do it, then there was no reason I couldn't. Then I decided to begin the journey with you behind the scenes.  

I've lost just shy of 44 pounds since June 22nd, and I truly can't thank you enough. For the first time I feel such hope that I can do it.  I feel more like myself than I have in such a long, long time.  I could go on and on about all of the positive changes in myself physically, and more importantly mentally, but that would take all day.

So again, THANK YOU for inspiring me. Thank you for being so open and honest. And most of all, thank you for sharing your lives with us each day.  I know I speak for so many others when I say that all three of you make such a big difference in the lives of your listeners, even if you sometimes may not know it.



We appreciate all of our wonderful patients striving to live happier, healthier lives.

Through lifestyle changes and personalized plans, men and women have lost thousands of pounds while improving their health and appearance with our weight loss plans. Learn more about Physician’s Plan Weight Loss customizable plans and schedule an appointment to begin your weight loss journey today!

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