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A Fast Plan Testimonial Written from a Patient Perspective

Black tie event in 7 days...one too many holiday treats...jeans that were so tight I could barely breath. Yep, it was time to lose weight, fast. I was ready to try anything that may work, a jump start to shake the weight and help me shake the bad habits that had developed over the last months. Enter the Fast Plan.

I had read about the Fast Plan and stopped into Physician’s Plan Mt. Pleasant to learn a little more. I needed an abrupt change to my diet, with little guesswork involved. “Just tell me what to eat,” is basically what I requested and the team was so helpful with guiding me through the process suggesting a “reset.” The Fast Plan was the perfect way to get back on track.

Basically the Fast Plan works like this:

Fast Plan Meal Plan

*3 meals a day - The meals are mostly bars and shakes with gluten free and dairy free options. You can buy all of the meals there, or provide your own dinner. (Think grilled chicken or fish and veggies). I chose this route because I knew I would be less likely to cheat on the plan if I had a real meal each night.

*2 Snacks a day

*Don’t exceed 1,000 calories a day and drink lots of water

Did it work? You bet! I lost 5 lbs. in 6 days. And the fancy dress for the black tie event was a perfect fit and not snug. I absolutely plan to do it again. If you are considering the Fast Plan, I can tell you that it works. And here are a few tips that may help:

Fast Plan Tips:

*Buy options. Ashley did a great job helping guide me through the products, even providing some samples. She encouraged me to buy a variety pack of bars for my morning snack, and I am so glad that I did. I needed a change of flavor, and cinnamon was my favorite. You may love a certain ONE bar, but by Day 6 you will need another option.

Pick the Variety Pack!

*Try the Quest nacho cheese chips. They are as close as you can get to Doritos. Trust me, try them.

*Be prepared to be a little hungry. I’m not going to lie, I went to bed hungry every night. However, I always woke up feeling great.

*Day 3 and 4 were hard. My body was adjusting to reduced calories and sugar and did not like it. “Struggle bus” is what I actually put in my journal. Know this can happen ahead of time and you can be prepared with a scheduled Lipo B shot for a little boost of energy.

*Wait for the weight loss. For me, Day 5 and 6 meant more energy. By the end, I was excited to see if I had indeed lost any weight. Not only did I lose 5 lbs, but I also was able to stop the cycle of snacking on the wrong foods and get my body and mind back on track for more weight loss in the months to come!