Here at Physician’s Plan, we value the feedback of our patients.   Each patient comes in with their own set of specific needs and goals and our job is to help them with start fresh with a medically supervised individualized plan.    When patients see success with weight loss or a drastic improvement in their skin care, they want to share their story with others.   Here we invite you to discover Physician’s Plan through a patient’s perspective.
Friendly, knowledgeable staff who encourage patients with every success, small and big!~ Summerville Patient


The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable! They are very professional with treatments and do not try to over treat! My face looks amazing now!! ~ Hickory Patient


All the girls were very friendly and helpful. They made me feel very comfortable and ready to start my weight loss journey! ~ Rock Hill Patient


Summerville has a great group of ladies! They are always so kind and a pleasure to talk with. I have been a customer for years and I recommend this location to everyone! Thanks ladies! ~ Summerville Patient


Everyone in the office is very friendly and nice. They are making the experience and challenge of getting in shape easier. They have provided a lot of information and ideas to help. ~ Florence Patient


No matter who you are, if you have been there just one time one of the staff members knows your name! When you arrive, you are acknowledged and when you leave it is the same. The ladies (staff) are so positive, they have these wonderful smiles on their beautiful faces and let you know you can attain the goal you are reaching for. They make it personal for each person.
Dr. DiOrio is wonderful as well, that is way I have always loved coming to PP. I have gotten to know Dr. Eagle and Leah. The atmosphere is beaming with happiness, the best for each of their clients whether it is weight loss or beauty enhancement is all each of the staff wants! ~ Charlotte Patient


Staff made me feel warm and welcome. Awesome experience and highly recommended! ~ West Ashley Patient


I’ve been going to Physicians Plan for a few years now. The entire staff is amazing! Friendly, helpful and caring! They truly care about you and what you’re trying to achieve. ~ Mount Pleasant Patient


The staff really listens to you. They are always very energetic and friendly. You always leave feeling good and happy. Everyone is knowledgeable about what services would be most beneficial for you. They don’t push anything for the sake of a sale. I trust what they say because I trust they have my best interests in mind. ~ Mt. Pleasant patient


The esthetician is brilliant she knows so much about her industry and just made my skin look so much better. Her name is Sally and she is in Huntersville. ~ Charlotte patient


Just had my first appointment on Friday. I have already recommended you to a friend of mine. ~ Mt. Pleasant patient


Great Staff and Doctors who truly care about your weight loss success!!! The plan works!!! ~ Charlotte patient


Lindsey is very knowledgeable about skin care, products, and procedures available. I would recommend her to all of my friends! ~ Mt. Pleasant patient


Great service. Friendly staff. Very satisfied. Will recommend to friends and family. ~ Charlotte patient


Friendly staff, quick appts ~ Mt. Pleasant patient


Everyone in there struggles & understands that weight management is very hard. I did great for several years. But I’m back. They will help me get back on track! I love this place! ~ Florence patient


I use the weight loss program and have had great success with it the first time. Now i am back after pregnancy and excited to have the help and guidance in my weight loss journey again. ~ Summerville patient


Everyone one was so helpful and nice. And, Lindsay did a great job. ~ Mt. Pleasant patient


The atmosphere is comfortable and friendly. I have always felt that I had great support anytime I needed it, plus I had lots of fun as I was on my journey! ~ Mt. Pleasant patient


Friendly Staff

I always feel encouraged and welcome by all who work at the West Ashley location. Dr. Denise does a great job explaining weight loss and gives sound recommendations. Chelsea is a very knowledgeable and professional esthetician. She has helped to improve my skin and I would highly recommend her expertise. ~ Charleston patient


Sweet and beautiful staff. The services are great! Leah does a great job and I get good results. Jill is always happy to help and does a wonderful job. I recommend everyone to try Physicians Plan. You won’t be disappointed!! ~ Hickory patient


Honestly, I love the support from all the people there! They make it possible to stay motivated without making you feel bad for your slip ups. I would recommend this place based solely on the staff! ~ Summerville patient


The employees are friendly and they care about the clients. ~ Charleston patient


The nurses treat me like I’m family. They really care. ~ Charleston patient


Friendly staff, flexibility of appointments, and genuine care and concern for patients. ~ Charlotte patient


The friendly and knowledgeable staff!!! Everyone is so kind, friendly and genuine, ~ Charlotte patient


Friendliness and attentiveness of the staff. ~ Mt. Pleasant patient


Very friendly personnel, makes one welcome and not judged, whatever the needs or wants are. ~ Summerville patient


A Fresh Start

The weight loss program, it just works. ~ Hickory patient


Physician’s Plan is an excellent place to go when you are struggling with the physical and emotional part of obesity. ~ Charleston patient


I appreciated the thoroughness of explaining the program. ~ Mt. Pleasant patient


I am very pleased with my results this fast, and the team is AWESOME!!! I will definitely recommend to others!! ~ Charleston patient


No contracts and no obligations. I recommend making an appointment today. Start a new day feeling great about yourself. ~ Charleston patient


Great place to go – always makes you feel at home – I never walk out without learning something new ~ Summerville patient


Aside from helping me to lose 60 pounds, Physician’s Plan is a happy place to go. Everyone is personable and sweet! Thank you for your support and for making my trips to you something that I look forward to! ~ Mt. Pleasant patient


When it comes to weight loss it can be very emotional and embarrassing, but they keep you positive and help you succeed! ~ Mt. Pleasant patient


I feel like they root for you to do well and reach your goals. All lovely people to deal with! ~ Mt. Pleasant patient


Physician’s Plan is my one stop shop to take care of myself inside and outside. ~ Charleston patient


Highly recommend them to all!! ~ Huntersville patient


Everyone was very helpful and non-judgmental. I feel I will have the support I need to reach my goal. ~ Hickory patient


Thought that the counseling was great and the program is reasonably priced and very good. ~ Florence patient

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Doctor Smith was wonderful and his professionalism in caring for patients is outstanding. ~ Charleston patient


It works! You are helping me to do what I couldn’t do on my own. Thank you. ~ Summerville patient


The doctor is just excellent, and skilled, and friendly. ~ Florence patient


I felt like someone was really listening to me. I was told several times that if i had any question to please call. Thank You All! ~ Huntersville patient


I like the personalized treatment I get with each of the associates in the office. ~ Summerville patient


The doctor took the time to review my medical history and make recommendations. ~ Hickory patient

Staff Feels Like Family

The encouragement from staff to continue your weight loss journey to achieve your goals is amazing. ~ Charleston patient


Everybody is nice, caring and the service is fast! I just love them all. ~ Summerville patient


The staff is great and most of the ladies make you feel like family. Just such a sweet group of young ladies! ~ Charleston patient


Everyone made me feel like they cared about why I was there. I felt nervous about going at first but from the time I checked in until the time I checked out I felt comfortable. ~ Summerville patient


I felt like a patient, not a number. ~ Summerville patient


They seem to care about me as a person not just a patient/customer. They don’t judge they support. Struggling with my weight most of my life and being on the heavy end today is embarrassing however, they don’t make me feel like a failure. ~ Charleston patient


I especially like the staff. They are all very nice and helpful. I can’t say enough good things about them. They all seem to enjoy what they do and seem to make a great team. ~ Florence patient


I felt like someone was really listening to me. I was told several times that if i had any question to please call. Thank you all! ~ Huntersville patient


Friendly staff; encouragement was always given to meet my weight loss goals. ~ Florence patient

Skin Care Success

Skin care is important to me and you offer the types of things that I need. ~ Florence patient


It seems you have an unlimited number of services, and quite often introduce even more. ~ Summerville patient


I have been quite pleased with each service with Physicians Plan. ~ Florence patient


The facial filler and Botox are the best deal in town! ~ patient


The facials I have gotten are so relaxing and make me feel wonderful. ~ Mt. Pleasant patient

Lifestyle Changing

Everyone seems to be so willing to help you achieve your goals. The staff was very friendly and non-judgmental. They don’t push extra products but will answer all your questions. ~ Mt. Pleasant patient


I love Physician’s Plan! I also love the products they offer. I have seen a lot of success over the years with my weight loss. ~ Summerville patient


My sister mom and I have lost more than 150 pounds combined. We feel so much better. ~ Florence patient


My weight was affecting my health. I want to keep up with my grandchildren. Now I can thanks to Physician’s Plan. ~ Summerville patient


They taught me what to stay away from and what to choose on menus. This is a tool I will use long term. Now I am teaching my mom the same things. ~ Charleston patient


The nutritionist really did a nice job going over the program and how it will work for me. She made some good suggestions and offered some tools for encouragement. ~ Hickory patient


The weight management program has helped me maintain a healthy weight long term. ~ Charleston patient