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Summerville Patient Loses 55 Pounds

Tell us why you started Physician’s Plan Weight Loss Program

I started Physician’s Plan Weight Loss Program because I was tired of all the unsuccessful attempts I had with other programs in losing weight.  I was facing a milestone birthday and I didn’t want to carry the extra weight into another decade.  Being older and all that comes with that posed a significant challenge and I felt I needed help by professionals experienced in weight loss.

What were some of the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

My first challenge was getting past my cravings but with my determination to lose weight and support from the staff, I got past this challenge.  My next challenge, which is ongoing, are plateaus where I go weeks without losing anything or going up and down on the scale.  The staff are constantly working with me to find solutions that keep the scale moving in a positive direction.

What are three things that Physician’s Plan offered that help you the most?

I feel the three things Physician’s Plan offers that has helped me the most are B-12 injections, one-on-one counseling, and healthy snack options.

What was the best part of your weight loss journey and why?

The best part of my weight loss journey has been actually losing the weight and getting my mind focused on eating healthier.  Also, I have to say I feel I’ve made new friends with the staff at Physician’s Plan who care and will support me to the end of this journey and beyond.

Is there anything else you want to add?

I just want to say that I’m grateful to Physician’s Plan for helping me to get my life back.  I am more confident in my skin, smile more, and have more energy and agility to do things.  The staff are dedicated to their patients, they genuinely care and invest themselves to see you succeed as you travel the weight loss journey together.