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Mother's Weight Loss Journey Inspires Son to Lose Weight

George Lemacks knew he needed to lose weight, he was walking with a cane and got winded walking a single flight of stairs. It wasn’t until he saw his mom successfully shed some weight that he decided to take action. He explains, “My Mom had been doing Physician’s Plan for a little while and was having success.”

George reached out to the Physician’s Plan team in Charleston for help, the same team that supported his mother’s weight loss journey. Says George, “Physician’s Plan has been great. The staff is friendly and encouraging and makes the whole process fun. The nutrition counseling is a big help. Once you learn how to eat it makes making healthy choices so much easier.” The team formulated a weight loss plan customized to George’s weight loss goals and medical profile. The plan helps to speed up metabolism, curb hunger, improve health and increase energy. Says George, “Physician’s Plan is the easiest way to lose weight that I have ever tried. It has been so easy for me to stick to the program.”

Another advantage: He has had his mom by his side sharing in the weight loss journey. He explains, “Doing this together has been great. We encourage each other during the week and having a partner keeps you accountable for sticking to the plan. It also helps that when we get together for family functions there is someone else there that is dieting so you don’t feel left out.”

Five months later, George is 58 pounds lighter. He feels better, has more energy and now can successfully walk those stairs. He says, “I’m walking 3 miles every day without a cane!” Learn more about Physician’s Plan weight loss programs: http://www.physiciansplan.com/weight-loss/.