Who is ready for a selfie? How about a Healthy-Selfie?

Physician’s Plan weight loss patients come in with amazing weight loss results, and they love to share tips that helped them reach their goal. Many of our skin care patients have seen weight loss programs and medical spa treatments transform their look. Now is the time to let others know how your plan worked by posting a Healthy-Selfie. The best part: You will be helping others and earning money to spend on Patient Appreciation Day! 

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Post a Healthy Selfie on the Physician’s Plan Facebook page in July. The pictures can include your new look, your favorite healthy snacks, your favorite skincare product that has yielded great results. Include any lifestyle changes that have worked for you and been part of your weight loss and/or skin care plan.
  2. Receive a reward! Physician’s Plan will reward all Healthy Selfie posters with a $10 gift card to use on Patient Appreciation Day-August 4th.
  3. Inspire others to look and feel better now.