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Patients Post “Healthy Selfies” to Inspire Others

Physician’s Plan helps patients on their weight loss journey with a physician guided plan and a team that works with each individual to help them reach their goals. In addition, Physician’s Plan offers a Medspa with various skin care products and services. Often, patients come in proud of the results they have achieved, changes they have made, and improvements they see because of their weight loss and skin care plan. As a result, Physician’s Plan asked these patients to post a Healthy Selfie on social media to inspire others. The response has been overwhelming! 

Before and after photos are a popular and compelling way to inspire others. One individual posted to brag on a friend. She said, “She has lost 50 pounds and says you all have changed her life!!” For many, food is the culprit with stubborn weight that won’t budge. Physician’s Plan offers various tips on eating better while not feeling deprived. Says one Healthy Selfie poster, “Thank you Physician's Plan for the nutritional support. I love my healthy lifestyle.” Another adds, “I would like to thank the great team in Hickory who've helped me. With practice my better choices are now habitual.” Some posted tips that helped them reach their weight loss goals. Some of these include pictures of recipes, “Rice cake with my cookie butter nuts n more peanut butter.  Thanks Summerville for the recommendation!” Other product favorites mentioned were Biscotti and Quest bars that are available for purchase.

Often, getting active can seem daunting. Physician’s Plan teams offers tips to help patients find the fun in fitness. One patient shared her tip to exercise with friends. She shared a post with her work out group at a local gym, “Thanks to the Physician's Plan Huntersville office, I am happy, active and more healthy!!”  Physician’s Plan has locations across both SC and NC. Says one who posted a picture on vacation, “They are all wonderful and they make me feel and look great.”

“Love the team in Charleston!” “Love the team at the Summerville office!” Many Healthy Selfie posters offered appreciation for their specific center. One male pleased with his weight loss success sums it up perfectly, “Great people and very helpful programs.” To learn more about Physician’s Plan,www.physiciansplan.com