Many turn to Physician’s Plan not only to lose weight but also because they are ready for a fresh start. The program is unique to each patient with board certified, licensed physicians and medical providers specially trained in weight management helping devise a specific plan for each patient’s weight loss journey. It’s an added bonus when those guiding patients through the weight loss journey have been through the program themselves. Ashley is the clinical coordinator of the Mt. Pleasant office, but also a former Physician’s Plan patient.

She knows first hand how the program can be life changing. She states, “Physician’s Plan helped me to develop a healthy lifestyle. They educated me to the point that I wanted to be a part of it and help others.” Ashley’s story is much like many of the patients that she advises at Physician’s Plan. An emotional eater, she had been overweight most of her life. Finally she found her herself depressed from the extra weight and the failed attempts at other diet plans, and she decided to make a change. Through her plan, Ashley has lost 82 pounds, and it has stayed off! She, like many Physician’s Plan patients, has followed the plan in place for her while making lifestyle changes. She states, “Physician’s Plan helped me change my lifestyle. This is my life now. I still come in for the B-12 shots. They help metabolize the fat. Who wouldn’t want that?” Many patients continue to come to Physician’s Plan even after reaching their goal for various reasons, including inspiration. Says Ashley, “ I eat healthier. When I go back to my old ways of eating even if just for the holidays, I feel sluggish and I am quickly reminded why I made the change.” Inspired by her own experience, Ashley now helps patients when they decide it’s time for a fresh start. She states, “I share my story with the patients. They feel connected to me. I’ve been there and I know what they are going through.” Ashley’s transformation poster is displayed for all to see and serves as an extra boost of confidence for patient’s starting fresh, “If I can do it, you can do it’ is what I tell them.” Physician’s Plan has locations across SC and NC. Mention FRESH START for a free weight loss or skin consult at any of the locations.