The first step of weight loss is deciding it is time to make a change. Caroline B., a Physician’s Plan of Charleston patient, made that change at the beginning of this year. She states, “I decided in January 2016 that enough was enough! I had tried losing weight on my own through exercise and had seen very little change. So I felt it was time to try a different path. This is when I found Physician’s Plan Weight Loss on Savannah Highway in Charleston.” Physician’s Plan, with locations in SC and NC, helps patients lose the weight and keep it off by working with each individual to create a plan to achieve weight loss and health improvement goals. Using the latest medical science, Physician Plan physicians uncover the actual cause of weight gain, such as slow metabolism, hormonal and nutritional imbalances or genetic factors. Caroline B. found that this information, as well as having a team behind her, helped her shed pounds, “Through their coaching and support I have managed to lose approximately 25 pounds and 15 inches in a six month period.”   The Physician’s Plan Weight Loss team creates a customized plan to help speed up metabolism, curb hunger, improve health and increase energy. This plan has been life changing for Caroline, “Believe me, this change did not happen overnight and it has not only effected me, but it has also effected my family. We have made lifestyle changes that have helped us to eat better and exercise more frequently. I don’t think I would have made it this far without the help and guidance of Physician’s Plan Weight Loss Center!” True to the team approach, being a part of the positive change leaves a lasting impression on the patient but also on the Physician’s Plan team. They help the patients lose the weight and drop the inches and are just as excited to see positive results. Says Physician’s Plan Charleston Clinical Coordinator Darlene Vazquez, “Caroline has been such an inspiration to me. It makes me appreciate my job and what we do here, seeing the changes like this in our patient’s lives.” Are you ready for a change? Schedule your appointment today.