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Top 5 Tips For Best Results From Your Injectables

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The good news is that the medical aesthetics world now offers more solutions to combat aging than ever before. What is the bad news? Between magazine features, TikToks, Instagram, and innumerable ads, choosing a neurotoxin or filler best for you can be overwhelming. Our Physician’s Plan master injectors and medical aestheticians offer these tips for achieving the best version of you.

Know your concerns.

While this may seem simple, take a moment to think through your concerns. In addition to examining your face in the mirror, take a close-up selfie in natural light. Take your photo without expression. Now, locate your best feature. Is it your skin tone, the perfect pout, or those big, beautiful eyes? It is equally important to zone in on your best trait as it is to identify those signs of aging you wish to combat. Next, look at the same photo to pinpoint your area(s) of concern. Tone and texture, facial sagging, flattening of the cheek area? Make notes and share those with your injector in laypeople’s terms. Your best plan will quickly unfold as your injector correlates the products available to your articulated facial strengths and weaknesses.

Understand the aging process.

The scientific advancements in age management play a critical role in your ongoing anti-aging plan. The advances achieved through the study of facial anatomy have dramatically improved a skilled injector’s ability to achieve natural, refreshed results. When choosing your injector, make sure they have prioritized ongoing training. Increasingly, research is uncovering the secrets behind the science of aging. The injector’s knowledge of the changes to the skin and underlying structures of the face that occur at different stages of the aging process will impact the injectable solutions chosen. As we continue to study genetic changes that contribute to the aging face, the future formulation of aesthetic treatment plans will continue to morph and improve.

Factor in related wellness goals.

What occurs inside of our bodies shows in our skin. Skin aging consists of two biologically distinct processes, intrinsic skin aging, and extrinsic skin aging. The first represents chronological aging, and the second results from external factors and environmental influences such as chronic sun exposure, smoking, pollution, sleep deprivation, and poor nutrition.

Prevention is the best and most effective way to work against extrinsic skin aging effects. Therefore wellness and reaching your skin care goals are not mutually exclusive. Place lifestyle strategies that impact your skin beautification plan as a complementary priority. Some prevention strategies our Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness team can help with include caloric restriction, nutrition, sunscreen, physical exercise, and customized weight loss.

Incorporate at-home care.

Whatever you and your injector decide to do in the center can be significantly enhanced with the proper at-home skincare routine. There are restrictions to what you can do following specific filler and neurotoxin treatments. Follow the guide carefully. For example, DO massage the area after Sculptra filler and do NOT massage the area after Botox. The type of treatment determines your at-home regime. Your injector can help you choose the most appropriate skin care products to prolong your investment in injectables.

Trust your injector.

Armed with good information and an overview of your facial anatomy, your injector can offer an effective treatment plan. Your timetable and budget are also important factors to consider. Don’t be afraid to specify both to your injector. For example, are you getting married and wish to have results by that date? Are you on a 500-dollar or a 5000-dollar budget? What are your “now” goals and your “long term” anti-aging desires? Be sure to share with your injector.

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