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90-Day Challenge – You Lose, You Win!

Join one of our Physician’s Plan teams near you to begin your 90-day commitment to change. What can you accomplish in 90-days? Roll up your sleeves and let’s get started!

  • Follow #90DayChallenge on Instagram
  • Four entry week options:
    • Week of August 9th – Team #Goals
    • Week of August 16th – Team #ABetterWeigh
    • Week of August 23rd – Team #TheNewMe
    • Week of August 30th – Team #ConfidenceGlows

At your first appointment you will:

    • Weigh-In with Body Composition Analysis.
    • Set up your accountability plan and schedule your visits for weigh-ins, provider visits, nutritional counseling appointments, etc.
    • Set your 90-Day goal.
    • Before pictures and measurements will be taken.
    • Sign your Commitment Promise.
    • Define one thing you will commit to starting in the 30-days. Will be defined every 30-days.
    • Define one thing you will start doing and one thing you will stop doing in the next 30-days.

Take your own Selfies to track your own progress, too!

Prepare yourself for success. We will be right here beside you every step of the way. Prizes will be given for participation, enthusiasm, team spirit, and reaching your #Goals!

Don’t just think about losing weight, join as we accomplish real results together.