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Five Tips To Eat Yourself Skinny

Frequently, weight loss is about refraining from eating. While tools to eat less are essential, what and how we eat is equally crucial. At Physician's Plan Weight Loss + Wellness, our weight loss coaches and providers are highly skilled at providing patients the tools to achieve their weight loss goals. Losing weight is only one aspect of our program. Keeping the weight off over time with a healthy lifestyle is a key differentiator of the Physician's Plan Weight Loss + Wellness program. It is possible to eat your way to and through your weight loss goals. Here are our top five tips for eating yourself skinny.

1. Make the right food accessible

Shop for healthy foods. Stock your fridge and pantry with those foods you can reach for that won't impede your weight loss. Incorporate snack foods and meal options. Having an easy, healthy alternative to grab will stop you from eating unhealthy options such as fast foods, high-calorie snack foods, high carb foods, and the like. Our weight loss coaches can help you choose some options from our fully stocked food shelves.

2. Be mindful

Making your wellness a part of your everyday life begins with being mindful. Think about your body each time you add fuel to it. How will your body respond to this fuel? Consider the nutrients in your food choices. Consider the portions as well. Are you hungry, or are you eating out of habit? By being mindful of what you are feeding your mind and body, you achieve your optimum weight without focusing on sacrifice.

3. Incorporate B-12 shots to speed your metabolism

We are sharing great information about Lip B-12 shots and supplements this month. Add Lipo B-12 shots to your toolbox to increase your metabolism and energy levels.

4. Add bulk to meals with low-calorie, high benefits foods

An excellent way to get that feeling of eating more without adding more calories is to incorporate dense greens into your meals. Add a bed of spinach to that Salmon, add a side of savory collard greens, or toss cabbage with olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper. Adding bulk to meals doesn't have to be green. A crunchy carrot and hummus for a snack are satisfying, or an attack that sweet tooth with a bowl full of watermelon.

5. Drink lemon water

Many times we mistake thirst for hunger. Drinking water throughout the day is an excellent weight loss and wellness strategy. Sometimes water can get a bit boring. Try drinking lemon water. Lemon water is low in calories, high in Vitamin C, and can promote fullness. Studies have proven that lemon water speeds your metabolism and aids in detoxification, an effective way to reduce calorie intake and stay hydrated.

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