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Find Out Why Physician’s Plan Works: A Better Weigh of Life

For over 13 years, Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness has helped thousands of patients across South and North Carolina reach and sustain their weight loss goals. Every month brings a new trendy diet or fitness fad. Work out with paper plates and only eat cabbage. Pee frequently on a test kit and drink coffee with a stick of butter. Eat only meat. Eat only plant-based foods. Eliminate gluten. Return to cave man times. Attach yourself to a cold, shaking waist belt. Drink only maple syrup and lemon. The list goes on and on. And the list of people who have done a multitude of these fads without sustainable results is even longer.

Why does Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness (PPWL), work and how is it different from the noise surrounding other weight loss methods? Ultimately, Physician’s Plan works because of what it is NOT. It is not a one size fits all diet. It is not a “lose weight quick to just gain it back and then some next month” program. It is not unhealthy for you to do over time. It is not a diet.

So why DOES the PPWL program work? It works because we develop it together with each patient to fit their unique lifestyle, body type, health status, goals and more. It is a lifestyle where healthy habits, not restrictions, pave the way to success. “Our program is REAL.  Holidays, birthdays, dinner reservations, vacations, business lunches, and busy days that end with “what can we make for dinner FAST!?!?” are always going to be there. The reality is that we need to learn to eat healthy while still living and enjoying life-and we teach that,” explains Liz Williamson, Director for Mt. Pleasant Physician’s Plan.

“Monitoring Ketones, eliminating entire food groups and choosing your lunch based on how many points, and not how many calories it has is not a long-term solution. Physician’s Plan is a solution.”

Darlene Mikolaichik is the Director working to open a new center in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Rock Hill will be the seventh Physician’s Plan Weight Loss center in the Carolinas. “We offer individualized support during the weight loss journey.  Being healthy is not a destination, it’s a journey. If a patient veers off track, we are there to redirect, motivate, and educate them to help them achieve their goals.”

Every center is filled with highly trained weight loss counselors and physicians that truly care about each Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness patient’s success. “We CARE about our patients. We care about how they feel and about their success,” says Liz. “We offer suggestion and solutions to everyday struggles.”

Physician’s Plan is about eating a healthy, balanced diet that is customized to your lifestyle and food preferences. Nutrition and motivation coaching is built in. “Our individualized programs with one on one counseling make a critical difference for patients,’ says Kim Freel, Huntersville. “We have tailored the program to real life to make it easier to succeed.”

Like a coach that cultivate the talent of his or her team, PPWLW leads patients to a higher level of self-understanding. “We help patients become more aware of where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there,” explains Bobbi Jo Garrison, Director for the rapidly growing Summerville center. “Our patients accomplish more than they thought was possible in the beginning!”

Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness keeps growing to provide convenient access to the program. Michelle Fields is the Director of the new, expanded Florence location. “Individualized nutrition based weight loss goals provide sustainable results for each patient.”

In Charleston Teresa Hall brings her 20 years of weight loss experience to the table. “I would say that our teams are very passionate about what we do.  I know I am and I believe patients know this. This is not just a job, but a lifestyle.  I share this with my patients and I believe they can feel our passion on their visits.”

Shaffney Beaver, Hickory Director echoes Teresa’s sentiments, “We want to get to know our patients and customize a plan specific for each individual. We focus on an individual’s goals/ successes while offering motivation and encouragement. WE NEVER CRITICIZE.”

Physician Plan Weight Loss + Wellness remains a part of many patient’s lives even after their goals are reached. At the core of the program is a commitment to helping men and women sustain weight loss over time. “Once a patient reaches their individual goals we help them maintain. The patient can still come in to weigh-in weekly and purchase injections and products as needed,” says Shaffney.

Some other perks that make succeeding that much easier include:

  • Unlimited nutritional counseling & weekly weigh-ins at no additional charge.
  • Walk-ins welcome
  • Each patient can enjoy everyday foods while incorporating our bars, shakes and snacks in-between
  • Weigh-ins require no appointment
  • 6-day Jump-Start Plan offers quick and safe results
  • Lipo-Plex B-12 injections and vitamin packages
  • Affordable
  • Simple to follow
  • Spa Services, skin care and aesthetics included at each center
  • The food products taste great
  • Everyone is really nice (really)
  • Perkville rewards program pays you back for weighing in, reaching goals, referring friend
  • Appetite suppressants
  • Access to highly trained weight loss counselors and physicians