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Fall for Clear & Brilliant

Undo Summer Damage, Infuse with Nutrients, Restore Radiance

Restore radiance and maintain younger looking skin with the Clear and Brilliant Laser. Our amazing $199 special fall price is hundreds of dollars less than competitors. November only!

The Clear and Brilliant is the perfect introduction to laser treatment for the patient who is new to lasers, or is frightened by the idea of a laser treatment.  By definition, the Clear and Brilliant is a gentle Fractional Diode laser, which penetrates microscopic pinpoints into the skin. The skin surrounding these pinpoint areas, is not affected which means faster healing time.

These penetration points induce a cascade of skin loving benefits:

  • Collagen remodeling, which provides the “mattress” under our skin keeping it plump and youthful looking.
  • Minimized pore appearance
  • Better skin elasticity
  • Improved skin texture
  • The Clear and Brilliant’s Permea hand piece reduces hyperpigmentation (Brown spots), and increases the skin’s permeability, allowing treatment serums to penetrate more efficiently.

Immediately after treatment your skin will have a wind burned to sunburned appearance.  Your esthetician will apply calming treatment serums, a chilled calming mask, and a cool towel wrap to greatly diminish the redness.  For many patients this redness is completely gone in a few hours; more sensitive skin by the next morning.  Makeup may be applied immediately following the treatment.

Clear and Brilliant benefits are cumulative, meaning you will see results after one treatment, and better results with multiple treatments. Treatments may be repeated as often as 2 weeks apart or can be used as a maintenance protocol in your healthy skin regimen.

Schedule your treatment or free consultation with your Physician’s Plan Medical Esthetician today, and get your radiance on!