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What Are the Benefits of Chemical Peels?

There's nothing quite like the youthful glow your skin has after a chemical peel. Your skin looks brighter and feels smoother. Best of all? The results increase over time!

Chemical peels are a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that most people can benefit from. Men and women alike can enjoy the benefits of a chemical peel treatment.

There are many benefits of chemical peels. Keep reading to find out what they are and what to expect from a chemical peel treatment!

Benefits of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels help with skin rejuvenation by removing dead skin cells and revealing the fresh skin underneath.

A chemical peel helps reduce signs of aging. Fine lines, wrinkles, and sun spots are a few of the trouble areas a peel can improve. Chemical peels can help reduce the visibility of age spots and hyperpigmentation as well.

Many of us have acne scarring from our teenage years. Chemical peels are designed to help smooth the skin and reduce the appearance of pitting and scarring.

Below, we will talk about the different types of chemical peels. Each type of chemical peel is targeted toward the issues you want to focus on. The peels are tailored to what your skin needs and its unique sensitivities.

Types of Chemical Peels

There are three main types of chemical peels. They are categorized as light, medium, and deep.

If you are new to peels you may be under the impression it is a one-size-fits-all, but that is not the case. Regardless of what skin issues you suffer from or want to improve, there is a peel for you!

A light chemical peel is intended to resurface the epidermis, the top layer of the skin. This peel is ideal for those who want smoother skin, a brighter complexion, and a post-peel glow. It's great for those who have fine lines and wrinkles.

A medium chemical peel is perfect for those who need a little more oomph. If you have deeper lines, scarring, or uneven skin tone choose a medium peel. 

A heavy chemical peel is the most aggressive chemical peel designed for severe issues. It removes the epidermis and two layers of your dermis. Deep lines, wrinkles, and heavy scarring can be greatly improved with a deep peel.

What to Expect

Like with any medspa treatment, you can expect to be pampered! A relaxing environment is set while you prepare for your chemical peel treatment.

After talking over your concerns with your medspa professional, your treatment will begin. Your skin is cleansed and prepped for the chemical peel. If you are having a deep chemical peel, you will receive sedation.

If you are getting a light chemical peel, it will only be left on your skin for a few minutes. Chemical peels are potent and do not require a long time to achieve results.

A medium chemical peel may be left on the skin for up to 20 minutes.

A heavy chemical peel is carefully applied and done in increments. The entire procedure may take up to 90 minutes depending on what areas are being treated.

A chemical peel can reveal better, bright skin. Taking care of yourself improves many aspects of your life. Studies show that taking care of your skin helps improve your mental health.

Chemical Peel Recovery

Recovery time varies depending on what type of peel you get. A light peel results in a slight sunburned effect. Your skin may be red and you may experience peeling a few days after the procedure. You may wear cosmetics after this procedure.

A medium chemical peel has a recovery time that may take up to two weeks. You can expect some swelling, peeling, and stinging. Refrain from using cosmetic products for 5-7 days after this peel.

A heavy chemical peel may take up to 6 weeks for complete healing. You can expect the same post-peel skin as light and medium peels but with more intensity. Your skin may crust in some areas as the skin underneath heals to reveal your new and improved skin.

It's crucial to the success of your peel to practice proper aftercare. Use sunscreen religiously after your peel. Invest in a quality moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

Your medspa will have the best recommendation for aftercare products. To maximize your chemical peel and reduce the chance of infection, you must follow the instructions given by your medspa.

How Long Do Results Last?

Depending on the severity of your skin issues, you may need several chemical peel treatments to achieve the desired result.

A light chemical peel may be able to be scheduled as little as two weeks apart. A medium chemical peel may give you the results you desire in one treatment, but most people get several treatments to target specific areas.

One of the best things about chemical peels is they have little downtime so you can find results in a reasonable amount of time. The only caveat is when getting a heavy chemical peel. Because of the nature of these peels, the results can last for years.

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Now that you've read about the benefits of chemical peels, it's time to schedule yours. There is a peel for everyone! 

From smoother skin to a brighter complexion, a light or medium chemical peel is for you. If you want something more penetrative to the skin and need targeted results to long-lasting damage, look into a deep chemical peel. 

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