Appetite Suppression

Curb your cravings and boost your metabolism and energy level while your body adjusts to new, better eating habits. Prescription medications, for example, have been shown to increase weight loss by 50-100%. The use of certain vitamins as catalysts involved with fat metabolism is an important part of our program.

We offer the following medications and supplements:

Natural appetite suppressants that do not contain ephedra
Prescription diet pills

Medication is a “tool” to assist in the weight loss process. In our practice, medications are prescribed in conjunction with following a sensible calorie controlled nutrition plan. Taking medication while eating sensibly will greatly enhance the efficiency of the medication. There are many different medications to assist with the process, just as there are many different tools in a toolbox. We’d have to evaluate you to see what medication would be most appropriate for you. As always, each patient plan is customized to your unique medical profile and weight loss goals.

All the medications are FDA (government) approved and fully endorsed by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and the American Board of Bariatric Medicine. We give patient’s access to 100% pharmaceutical grade products, vitamins, and supplements.