You may recognize her smile if you are a patient at Physician’s Plan Charleston. Summer is part of the Physician’s Plan team that helps patients with customized individualized weight loss plans. She’s a perfect fit, as she is an example of how the Physician’s Plan weight loss and wellness program works. She states, “I started the plan in June so that I could feel better about myself and also empower others to get healthy and happy.” And empowering others is just what she is doing, by sharing her story of a 45 pound weight loss in 4 months with Physician’s Plan.

Physician’s Plan works with patients and worked with Summer to create a plan to achieve weight loss and health improvement goals. Using the latest medical science Physician’s Plan physicians uncover the actual cause of weight gain, such as slow metabolism, hormonal and nutritional imbalances or genetic factors. A customized plan to help speed metabolism, curb hunger, improve health and increase energy is designed for each patient. As part of the Physician’s Plan team, Summer now helps patients reach their goals by sharing her weight loss journey and plan experience with them on a daily basis. She explains, “I love showing our patients that there is a light at the end of this long tunnel, you are going to become the absolute best you.”

Physician’s Plan staff and physicians are fully invested in each patient’s success. Summer says the support from the Charleston team helped her to reach her goal. She explains, “The Charleston team inspired me every day. The support system and the nutritional counseling were such a large part of my plan, and it worked!” Real results are not only possible; they are sustainable with the right customized plan at Physician’s Plan. To learn more,