Sometimes the most compelling weight loss stories come straight from the patient, like Teri Linder of Summerville. Her weight loss story begins with a wake up call concerning her health. She states, “March 2015, I had been to my family doctor. I was pre-diabetic and my cholesterol was high.” She knew had to make a lifestyle change, and turned to her family for help. She states, “My daughter-in-law knew someone that had been to Physician’s Plan and they had lost a good bit of weight. I said ‘that is it I am going!’”

Physician’s Plan helps patients that are ready to take first steps toward gaining control of weight and health. Each patient works with a physician and staff and a personalized plan is put in place.  Says Linder, “We sat down, I talked with the doctor. We talked about what I should eat and what to avoid. She helped me start my fitness plan, and she gave me a calorie count to follow. The staff taught me how to read the label on food packages and what to stay away from.”

By giving patients the most up-to-date and medically respected advice and guidance, patients are successful in reaching their goal to become a healthier person. For Teri Linder, that meant dropping 81 pounds– a weight loss that changed her daily life. She states, “I have a lot more energy, I can out walk my 17 year old twins. I feel like another person.” Physician’s Plan helps patients identify and treat the hidden causes of overweight and obesity, such as slow metabolism, hormonal and nutritional imbalances or genetic factors. Patients, like Teri Linder, also improve metabolic parameters such as cholesterol level and blood pressure. For Teri, her journey with Physician’s Plan has been life changing. She states, “When you granddaughter can hug you and put her arms around you. She says, ‘Mimi I can put my arms around you now.’ It is great. I could not have done it without Physicians Plan.”