All massages are currently offered at our Huntersville center only.

Swedish Massage

With using soft, long kneading strokes to relax the entire body.

$35 – $90

Deep Tissue Massage

By providing more pressure to work through the knots and tightness in the body.

$70 – $90

Therapeutic Massage

Utilizing pressure and to help relieve pain or to alleviate a specific problem, such as knots in the back or frozen shoulder.


Hot Stone Massage

The localized heat and weight using stones allow the muscles to relax.


Manual Lymphatic Massage

This massage improves the flow and drainage of lymph in the body which allows for a reduction in illness or infection, reduces water retention, boosts weight loss, reduces swelling, and speeds up healing.

$40 – $70

Moisture Rich Body Wrap

Enjoy a warm wrap to help parched skin rich moisture to leave skin feeling hydrated and smooth.


Prenatal Massage
Prenatal Massage is a healthy way for expecting mothers to reduce stress and relieve common discomforts associated with pregnancy, such as headaches, sciatica pain, leg cramps, or general swelling and soreness. We work to customize a safe and enjoyable experience for both mommy and baby. Our table allows for mommy to lay comfortably and is safe for all stages of pregnancy.


*Free Skin Consultations available to determine the right treatment for you. Prices subject to change.