Physician’s Plan Staffer Shares Her Weight Loss Journey with Others

Many turn to Physician’s Plan not only to lose weight but also because they are ready for a fresh start. The program is unique to each patient with board certified, licensed physicians and medical providers specially trained in weight management helping devise a specific plan for each patient’s weight loss journey. It’s an added bonus when those guiding patients through the weight loss journey have been through the program themselves. Ashley is the clinical coordinator of the Mt. Pleasant office, but also a former Physician’s Plan patient.

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Mom, Daughters Lose more than 150lbs with a Team Approach to Weight Loss

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, a picture was worth more than 100 pounds. In January 2015, a mom and her two daughters celebrated a very special wedding. A look at the photos after the event, and the trio decided to embark on a new journey–a weight loss journey. And they planned to do it together. Says bride Caitlyn Hall, “We saw the picture and said ‘we need to lose some weight here.’ So I started looking for nutritionists. I wanted more than just weight loss for us; we needed a lifestyle change. That is what brought us to Physicians Plan.”

Caitlyn, her sister Nicole and mom Julie decided to start the program together. She explains, “Doing the program together helped us hold each other accountable. My mom had the most to lose, so we did this for her. It works, she has lost more than 60 pounds.” Caitlyn has lost 32 pounds, and her sister Nicole has dropped 45 pounds. “We would send pictures to each other weekly. In addition, we celebrated individual weight loss goals and helped support each other if we missed the mark,” she says.

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Patient Turns Health Around with Physician’s Plan

Sometimes the most compelling weight loss stories come straight from the patient, like Teri Linder of Summerville. Her weight loss story begins with a wake up call concerning her health. She states, “March 2015, I had been to my family doctor. I was pre-diabetic and my cholesterol was high.” She knew had to make a lifestyle change, and turned to her family for help. She states, “My daughter-in-law knew someone that had been to Physician’s Plan and they had lost a good bit of weight. I said ‘that is it I am going!’”

Physician’s Plan helps patients that are ready to take first steps toward gaining control of weight and health. Each patient works with a physician and staff and a personalized plan is put in place.  Says Linder, “We sat down, I talked with the doctor. We talked about what I should eat and what to avoid. She helped me start my fitness plan, and she gave me a calorie count to follow. The staff taught me how to read the label on food packages and what to stay away from.”

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Physician’s Plan Director Acts as Weight Loss Coach for Patients

Weight loss is not easy.   By the time patients’ walk through the doors at any of the six Physician’s Plan locations, they have usually tried it all.  From the shakes to the protein only diets, the points to the grapefruits, they come ready for guidance and lasting results.   The clinical director of our Summerville office, Bobbi Jo, offers just that because she knows that helpless feeling.  She too struggled with her weight for years.  She states, “ Sixty pounds.  I lost sixty pounds.  I started at age twenty-six.  I can relate to what the patients are going through.  I know the struggles.  I can be their weight loss coach.”

At Physician’s Plan, each patient meets with a physician and receives a customized plan tailored for them, their bodies and their nutrition.  For Bobbi Jo, it was cutting out certain foods and actually eating more throughout the day that helped her weigh less.  She says, “I always though that eat less meant weigh less.  But it isn’t true.  I would barely eat all day and once the nighttime came I was starving and would overeat the bad stuff.”  Another culprit that patients often struggle with is trigger foods.   Physicians Plan works with patients to determine their trigger foods and replace them with healthier options.  Bobbi Jo helps patients develop a game plan when it comes to those kinds of foods.  “Mine were refined carbs,” she states, “and I learned that I had to get them completely out of the house.  Remove the temptation, I tell my patients,” she says.

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