Physician’s Plan has helped patients throughout North and South Carolina get a fresh start on life.

Through lifestyle changes and personalized plans, men and women have lost thousands of pounds while improving their health and appearance.   The best way to learn how this program works is by letting patients share their stories of weight loss.   From a Physician’s Plan staffer in Mt. Pleasant, SC that dropped weight for good after several failed attempts to a mother-daughter team that looked at a wedding picture and decided it was time for a change, these stories will help you see what Physician’s Plan is all about.  Everyone that walks through our doors has their own set of challenges, and that is why we use medically-based customized plans for each patient.

When we say patients get a fresh start on life, we mean it!

Amber’s Weight Loss Journey

As an employee of Physician’s Plan Weight Loss & Wellness for 3.5 years, I provide patients with nutritional counseling and other tools for weight loss success. I recently began my own journey with Physician’s Plan as a weight loss patient because my weight was contributing to some back problems I was having. After talking with the other weight loss coaches at Physician’s Plan, I became motivated and made a commitment to improve my health and normalize my eating habits. I also told myself I needed to lose some weight to see if that would help with my back pain. (more…)

Physician’s Plan patient loses 45 lbs in 4 months!

You may recognize her smile if you are a patient at Physician’s Plan Charleston. Summer is part of the Physician’s Plan team that helps patients with customized individualized weight loss plans. She’s a perfect fit, as she is an example of how the Physician’s Plan weight loss and wellness program works. She states, “I started the plan in June so that I could feel better about myself and also empower others to get healthy and happy.” And empowering others is just what she is doing, by sharing her story of a 45 pound weight loss in 4 months with Physician’s Plan. (more…)

Healthy Selfie Contest!

Thank you to all our patients who shared his or her Healthy Selfie with us! We love seeing how our patients stay active, healthy, and motivate on a day-to-day basis. At Physician’s Plan Weight Loss + Wellness, we work with our patients to create a plan to achieve personal weight loss and health improvement goals. Real results are not only possible, but they are sustainable with the right plan. Make a commitment to your self-ie and get healthy with us!


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Chip Dukes has lost over 100 lbs and is still shedding weight!


Chelsea as a person and the plan she set our for me was the key to my success.  If it wasn’t for the support, understanding, encouragement and love she gave, I would NEVER have made it this far.



Congratulations of Kristen.


A Florence patient for one year, she celebrates losing 82.1 pounds in 2017! Thank you for inspiring us to be happy and healthy this new year.





A Patient’s View: Three Weight Loss Journeys Worth Watching
Julie Harms

Julie Harms

James Mills

James Mills

Theresa Krug

Theresa Krug

View their weight loss journey testimonials

Charleston Patient Loses 25 lbs, 15 inches in 6 Months!

The first step of weight loss is deciding it is time to make a change. Caroline B., a Physician’s Plan of Charleston patient, made that change at the beginning of this year. She states, “I decided in January 2016 that enough was enough! I had tried losing weight on my own through exercise and had seen very little change. So I felt it was time to try a different path. This is when I found Physician’s Plan Weight Loss on Savannah Highway in Charleston.” Physician’s Plan, with locations in SC and NC, helps patients lose the weight and keep it off by working with each individual to create a plan to achieve weight loss and health improvement goals. Using the latest medical science, Physician Plan physicians uncover the actual cause of weight gain, such as slow metabolism, hormonal and nutritional imbalances or genetic factors. Caroline B. found that this information, as well as having a team behind her, helped her shed pounds, “Through their coaching and support I have managed to lose approximately 25 pounds and 15 inches in a six month period.”   (more…)

Hickory Patient loses 55 pounds!

John Martin, a patient with our Hickory weight loss center, shares a testimonial about his weight loss experience with Physician’s Plan: “I have very much enjoyed working with the girls and doctors at Physician’s Plan. They all do genuinely care about you and what you are attempting to do. Over the course of my life I have lost and gained the equivalent of a small Army. Things are different here with their methods and procedures–they work!”

Congratulations to John on his weight loss journey! (more…)

Physician’s Plan Staffer Shares Her Weight Loss Journey with Others

Many turn to Physician’s Plan not only to lose weight but also because they are ready for a fresh start. The program is unique to each patient with board certified, licensed physicians and medical providers specially trained in weight management helping devise a specific plan for each patient’s weight loss journey. It’s an added bonus when those guiding patients through the weight loss journey have been through the program themselves. Ashley is the clinical coordinator of the Mt. Pleasant office, but also a former Physician’s Plan patient. (more…)

Mom, Daughters Lose more than 150lbs with a Team Approach to Weight Loss

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, a picture was worth more than 100 pounds. In January 2015, a mom and her two daughters celebrated a very special wedding. A look at the photos after the event, and the trio decided to embark on a new journey–a weight loss journey. And they planned to do it together. Says bride Caitlyn Hall, “We saw the picture and said ‘we need to lose some weight here.’ So I started looking for nutritionists. I wanted more than just weight loss for us; we needed a lifestyle change. That is what brought us to Physicians Plan.”

Caitlyn, her sister Nicole and mom Julie decided to start the program together. She explains, “Doing the program together helped us hold each other accountable. My mom had the most to lose, so we did this for her. It works, she has lost more than 60 pounds.” Caitlyn has lost 32 pounds, and her sister Nicole has dropped 45 pounds. “We would send pictures to each other weekly. In addition, we celebrated individual weight loss goals and helped support each other if we missed the mark,” she says. (more…)